POSTPONED: Vertical Cave and/or Mine Leader inc. Tyrolean Training. 28-30 October 2020

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Corona Virus...
Moved to December due to the Welsh COVID Lockdown.
The Award Scheme is changing...
The BCA have updated the award scheme. Although the syllabus is remaining unchanged the award scheme has been tidied up a little and so “Level 1” is not more! The award has been renamed simply the Local Mine Leader (or Cave Leader) Award, with Vertical (and other) qualification added to you Mine (or Cave) certificate. Management of the scheme has been shifted on-line making for (hopefully) a easier scheme for candidates to navigate. For more information click here to visit the BCA website

Course Duration: 3 days

Cost: £300


Venue: Various, North Wales

Director: Gethin Thomas

This 3 day course covers the Vertical Cave and/or Mine Leader (previously known as the Level 2) syllabus as outlined by the BCA, including SRT training, and Tyrolean Traverse for groups. During the course candidates will look at rigging and managing traverse, abseil, ladder and tyrolean for both group and personal progression in vertical cave and/or mine systems.

Candidates should provide their own personal protective equipment for the course, including appropriate helmet and light, harness and cows tails (made up of good quality dynamic rope). SRT kits, and replacement rope for cows tails will be available to purchase during the course, but please get in touch in advance so we can get these for you.

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You can book a slot directly with me here, or alternatively through the BCAs Qualification Management System once you’ve access to the system by searching for course 342 or clicking here.

Once you've submitted this form you'll receive an automated response (and in some cases be directed to a Pay Pal page for a deposit request). If you've not received confirmation please get in touch as it may be your forms not been submitted correctly.

Radon Underground: Radiation Protection Adviser role for managers

Note part of this course includes access to a excel spreadsheet created for use with the detailed exposure scheme. Your spreadsheet will include your Centre/Providers name as written here (or if left blank your name). Please do not share these spreadsheets with third parties.

Course Cost: £80

Online, normally 1pm-5pm

The following training course is aimed at those who may be required to work as a Radiation Protection Supervisor for an Outdoor Education
Centre or business running cave or mine exploration activities.

The course will cover the two exposure schemes outline within the BCAs Radon Underground guidance, including guidance on selecting an appropriate scheme based on the venues used. In addition, course members will be provided a
working template spreadsheet (in excel) which can be used to work within the Detailed Exposure Scheme mapped out within Radon Underground.

Included within the cost of the course is 12 months support in the use of the schemes.

There will be opportunities to ask questions relating to the BCAs guidance document Radon Underground during the session, however the
expectation is that participants have a good working knowledge of the BCAs guidance. Course participants must have successfully completed the BCAs Radon Underground
training module (

The training course will take place on-line using Google Meets, for this participants will need to have registered an email address with Google. Participants will need to attend the course with a laptop or desktop computer, reliable internet connection, a functioning webcam and have access to Microsoft Excel.

Course run time approx. 4hrs on-line with supplementary support on request (max 4hrs over 12 months)

Prior to attending this course you must be registered with the BCAs Qualification Management System. You can do this by clicking here:
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If you're choosing to be invoiced I'll need confirmation from the person/Centre/School paying the bill before your place can be confirmed. Once you hit submit an email will be automatically sent to whoever email address you've entered below.
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