Qualification Management System for the BCA Leadership awards now going live

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Over the last few years members of the BCAs Qualification Management Committee have been working on a modern on-line management system for award holders. 

The new system, hosted by Go Membership (those involved with the paddlesport awards will no doubt be familiar with the system), is rolling out this week. Award holders will be provided full access to the system, where as those new to the scheme will need to register with it. 

Courses can be advertised on the system so candidates can find a course and book onto it, check personal details (and change things like email address etc) as well as find evidence attendance on courses. Candidates can also download a new look certificate. 

The new system can be accessed here: https://britishcaving.azolve.com/ 

In parallel to this QMC have been updating/replacing the old handbook, consolidating and hopefully simplifying the details of courses. The award scheme has also had a bit of a tidy up with the award certificates now set as being either a Cave Leader or Mine Leader. Those who’ve qualified as Level 2 leaders will find that added to their certificate (cave, mine or both as applicable) as Vertical Leader, the same being true if you’ve completed your SRT for Leader or Tyrolean for Groups. 

Details on the restructure is available on the BCA website here: https://british-caving.org.uk/wiki3/doku.php?id=training:leadership_awards



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