I can assess all awards within the LCMLA, however only Group Day assessments in North Wales Caves and/or Mines. Click on the available links for further information, or get in touch

  • Core Skills, Cave and/or Mine skills day (up to 2 candidates) £200 (one or two candidates) 
  • Cave and/or Mine Group day (1 candidate only) £200
  • Vertical Leader Core skills day with SRT for leader (up to 2 candidates) £200 (one or two candidates)
  • Vertical Leader group day (1 candidate only) £200
  • Optional SRT for leader (up to 2 candidates) £200 (one or two candidates)
  • Cave and Mine Transfer (up to 2 candidates) £200 (one or two candidates)
  • Additional Mines/Caves (paperwork exercise) £25
  • Additional Mines/Caves (requiring underground trip, normal for complex systems) £200
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