About me…

I started caving in 1990, and started instructing in 1997. In 2005 I left the caves of South Wales and moved to North Wales taking a great interest in exploring the mines and caves in North wales as well as taking advantage of being closer to the Peak and Dales.

I hold the Cave Instructor Certificate (with the mines module), as well as L2 (now Vertical Cave and Mine Leader) LCMLA. I am also a BCA trainer and assessor for Cave, Mine, Vertical Cave and/or Mine and Tyrolean for Groups awards. 

In addition to underground exploration I enjoy and instruct a rage of other outdoor and adventurous activities such as rock climbing (both single and multi pitch), mountaineering, hill walking, canoeing, kayaking, surfing and mountain biking. I hold the Mountain Instructor Award (MCI, previously known as the MIA), Level 4 Open Canoe, Level 3 kayak and a degree in Outdoor and Science Education with Qualified Teaching Status (QTS).

I am Deputy Head of Oakland OEC, based in North Wales. 


I am also an active member of the North Wales Cave Rescue Team, being a team leader (or controller) for the team, and having held the post of Training Officer for several years (until having kids which slowed things down a little!). At present I sit on the British Caving Associations Qualification Management Committee as Deputy Chair and the Area Liaison Representative for the North Wales LCMLA Trainer/Assessor Panel.

I also manage the North Wales Mines Inspections, more information on which can be found here: https://nwminereports.com

Gethin Thomas