Wrysgan Tyrolean (project!)

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Bit of an opportunity for some staff training today took us to place a few anchors and rig up a Tyrloean in Wrysgan. Nice one Leo for spotting the potential, Andy and Nick for coming up and helping with the rigging and making the most of the day. By the time we got out of the mine we realised how underground was certainly the place to be!! 

Apologies to all those leading groups and having to put up with the noise of us drilling and clearing some loose ground!!

Note if you’re planning on having a play we placed 2 resin anchors (labeled) which have yet to be pull tested. You’ll need 2 x 35+m ropes for the traverse and 2 push/pull ropes for pulling people over around 30m each. Rigging requires re-directions to the take off/landing points to avoid rope rub, and a little padding to protect the rope on the side nearest the entrance to the mine. Great care must be taken as the push/pull ropes may snag or drop loose rocks onto groups bellow until established. DO NOT USE IF GROUPS ARE BELLOW.


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