LCMLA Revalidation Workshop (1st December 2012)

Local Cave & Mine Leader Award Revalidation Workshop

1 December 2012.

Thanks for coming along on the revalidation workshop. Here’s a selection of photos and some video from the day and some resources you may find useful following on from some of the topics covered in your lectures, as well as somewhere to share some of your prevention notes (if you’re happy to do so).

Happy exploring!

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  • Link to the York Press website with the HSE video following the Manchester Hole trial
  • Where to metals come from (Geology lecture)
  • Cave Life
    • Great little website sponsored by the Cambrian Caving Council
  • Micro-traxion
  • Slate mining processes
    • includes great descriptions and illustrations of the quarrying processes, with page 37 giving an illustration of many of the tools used
  • Petzl Headlamps performance table
    • Some of the lights we looked at:
      • Troglite
        • Neat little light all in one lamp, but some issues with water getting in, and they have a habit of falling off all but the snuggest of helmet bracket
      • Petzl Duo 14 LED
        • Can be purchased as a head-torch or pre fitted to a helmet, rechargeable units available but really expensive!
      • Petzl Pixa
        • Various different types. Small, comes with optional rubber band so great for fitting to a helmet. Rechargeable units available but really expensive!
      • Little Monkey (Rude Nora)
        • Bespoke (pimped up!) very bright but very expensive lights

Images on Limestone formation

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