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Outdoor Education Bill, Wales

All those working in Outdoor Education, particularly those in Wales are hopefully aware of this,[…]

Convert Lower to Haul with a Traxion

Having spotted this on another page (in a slightly different orientation) I decided to make[…]

Fantastic weekend down in South Wales

Not long returned from from an amazing few days caving in South Wales including a[…]


I don’t think I’ve ever really posted anything political here, but given we’re looking down[…]

COVID-19 Underground

The following document produced by Hazel Barton goes some way to help those working underground[…]

Qualification Management System for the BCA Leadership awards now going live

Over the last few years members of the BCAs Qualification Management Committee have been working[…]

Tyrolean Training, December 2019

Here’s a few photos, links to some of the data from the day, and stuff[…]

Level 2 Training, December 2019

Here’s a few photos and resources from this weeks Level 2 training

Original Cave & Mine Plans make great posters….

I’ve been getting these canvas prints for mine plans recently, they make a great thing[…]

Life-Lining Belay Devices for Level 2 Award Holders

BCA/QMC have recently released a document to help guide Level 2 Award holders in their[…]

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