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PPE bolts are tested in either concrete or limestone. Over the years several bolts have been placed in slate, so a group of us felt it would be valuable to create a test bed in a block of slate and test these anchors to see if they were up to the job!

Initially (February 2012) we placed a small batch of commonly used anchors, including some non-PPE anchors (commonly used in DIY and industry) and tested them using a commercially available test rig, which was limited to around 20kN. The following year we were able to borrow the BCA test rig which has a higher range enabling us to pull the anchors to destruction, the observations from these tests are available to download by clicking the link below.

In December 2014 the BCA funded the purchase of a further 66 anchors, with a further 22 donated by Simon Wilson (IC Anchors). 5 of each type were placed in 4 different test beds, representing the range of regionalised metamorphic stages of slate in North Wales mines.

In all 76 anchors were placed in December 2014, and in January 2015 all pulled to destruction, the raw data is available to download here. We’re now working through that data applying some statistical analyse to try and present some findings.

Download the article about our testing here:

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UPDATED: Click here for the 2015 test results
Click here for the February 2012 tests
Second Round of Tests (June 2013)