SRT and/or Level 2 Rescue Practice (9th June)

Here’s a chance to have a play around at the climbing wall at Oaklands having a look at either traverse rigging or rescues, pitch rescues or SRT rescues. Cost of the session is either £20 or 2 x Petzl Collinox anchors! All moneis raised will go directly into bolting new underground SRT trips.

Session to run from 6pm through to 9pm at Oaklands OEC.

Limited to 6 places. Please bring your own SRT kit, however various toys and ropes will be available for you to play with!!

Please register your interest by clicking the link here, or using the Facebook page

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  1. So far I think we have Baggy, Mel, Big Andy and Pete keen to come along Thursday, so just a few spaces available it you’re keen.

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