Level 2 and SRT Improvised Rescues Session

Here’s some photos and a bit of video from a recent improvised rescues session.

Durring a really busy session based at Oaklands OEC and Parc Lead Mine, we covered some of the rescues that a Level 2 candidate may be expected to demonstrate/use including a traverse line rescue.

Note of caution
Many of the following rescues put us close to the safe working limit of some of our kit. These are improvised, last resort in many cases, rescues. Practice with care! 
Click here for Level 2 Rescues. Photos and description

Following that we looked at some more involved SRT rescues, focusing on possible rescues without a spare rope. First we looked at getting a casualty off a rope by getting to them, pulling up the end of the rope and attaching it to a jammer above everyone. Fit a Stop (with a breaking crab) to the rope coming from the jammer and attach it to the casualty or rescuer. Push the jammer up to take up any slack. Fit a shortened cows-tail to the casualty. Cut the rope above the casualties jammer to drop both the casualty and rescuer onto the rope coming from the jammer. Abseil down. Using a bot of cord instead of a knife gives a more gentle cut (you’ll still need a knife as the cord sometimes snaps!) Taking care to eliminate all slack before the cut reduces the shock load, as seen from this graph monitoring the forces during the session.

Cut Rope

Click here for SRT Cut Rope. Photos and description

Finally a session underground putting the training into a genuine environment! Two pitches, 2 rescues. First using a Spanish Pendulum to create enough slack rope on a loaded rope, to create a haul system at the pitch head. The second threading the end of the rope through the casualties central mailon and running the rope up to a pulley on a hand jammer to create a counter-balance haul (video coming soon)

Click here for SRT Rescues. Hauls with no spare rope

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