LCMLA Level 2 Training Dec ’15

This week has seen the North Wales panel deliver a host of LCMLA courses to almost 20 individuals. There were 2 full LCMLA Level 1 Mine training courses, a full Level 2 training and a couple of individuals doing transfer modules. The courses were based out of Oaklands OEC and visits were made to underground venues across the region.

Nigel Atkins and Pete Knight ran the L2 course over 2 days. Day 1 was based in the Annex at Oaklands OEC where we were able to explore all the technical aspects of the syllabus in the warm. The Annex may be compact but it seems to be a perfect venue for teaching LCMLA tech skills.
Day 2 started with a look at tyrolean theory before we headed off underground. We headed to a local mine where we operated in 2 teams, practicing personal SRT, rigging for ladder, group abseiling and exploring some rescue scenarios.

LCMLA L2T Dec15 (3)

It was great to have a good mix of other outdoor qualifications, including an MIA, amongst our group.

LCMLA L2T Dec15 (1)

A floating line allowed for up to 40m of SRT practice for those looking to improve technique.

LCMLA L2T Dec15 (2)

Steve, Nige and Alun having a breather and watching the other guys doing the hard work.

LCMLA L2T Dec15 (4)

Alun contemplating knots.

LCMLA L2T Dec15 (5)

The master rope ninja, Mr Nige Atkins, demonstrating some rope retrieval methods.

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