Important information on LCMLA training & assessment courses
Please note there are prerequisites to attending a training course, including registering with the BCA (click here). Before committing to a training or assessment course please ensure you’ve downloaded and read the most recent BCA LCMLA Handbook, in particular section 3.2.2 on Prior Experience.

All training and assessment courses must now be registered with the BCA at least 7 days before an assessment or 1 month for training courses, so please get in touch as soon as possible it you’d like to arrange a course

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Up and Coming Courses

I will be running both Level 1 and Level 2 Training Courses in April based at Oaklands OEC.  Details of these courses are available here: 

Pete Knight is running a course in May, and Dave Baines will be running a Level 1 Training in September. Further details on these courses should be available on the BCA website

Feel free to contact any of us to arrange a bespoke course


Private/Independent Courses

The following courses can be arranged at convenient dates. Given enough notice I can normally re-arrange things to accommodate courses, alternatively you can click on the “availability” tab to see what dates I’m free.

Level 1 Local Mine Training Course, by arrangement
Level 1 & Level 2 Cave or Mine Leader assessments available on request
Personal tailored skills tuition
Level 2 Refresher

 Enquiry form

If you’re interested in any of these courses get in touch by completing the form or click on the availability calendar above to see what dates I’m free.

Please note all assessments and bespoke courses are arranged privately.
Assessment candidates only
If someone else is paying the bill for this courses please provide an email address so I can contact them. On submitting this form an automatically generated email will go to this address asking for confirmation that they're happy to fund your course, so worth asking first!!