Training/Assessment Enquiry Form

Training/Assessment Enquiry Form

You can use this form to send an enquiry about booking an assessment to all of the North Wales Cave/Mine Leader Trainer and Assessor Panel in one go.

Panel members will then get back in touch with availability leaving it up to you to confirm your booking.

Please note that trainer/assessors need to register your assessment with the BCA so the more notice you can provide the better! There's also prerequisites to qualifying for courses, so please be sure you've got the log book experience.

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Details of second person for skills day/SRT only assessment

Please note you cannot do your Skills Day assessment with the same trainer/assessor that ran your training course.

You're skills day assessment can also be shared alongside another person. If you've paired up with someone please let us know who it is and provide an email address (if possible).

Your group day assessment cannot be done by the same person who did your skills day.

Please remember you'll need to organise your own group for the assessment, and must do your group day assessment within 12 months of your skills day.

You've chosen not to do your SRT for leader as part of your skills day assessment. You can do the SRT for leader module at a later date, however not as part of your group day assessment, so you'll need to pay for another days assessment when you're ready.
You've selected "other" as the person who did your training, could you let us know who did your training and where it was run in the comments box at the end of this enquiry form.