This years North Wales LCMLA Trainer/Assessor Panel Courses will be running from the 9th through to the 13th of December. During the week there will be a full range of courses available for those wanting to attend a training or assessment course delivered by members of the panel. 

There’s also an Update Workshop running the 7th of December with Nigel Atkins. If you’d like a place on that day you’ll need to book through the BCA directly which can be done here: 

As all the North Wales panel are available during that week there’s also an opportunity to get your assessments sorted with T/As that may sometimes have limited availability. 

Each of these courses will run provided at least one person is booked onto it, however once they’re full they’re full so please do make sure you book a place! 

  • Level 1 Mine training, 9th-10th Dec. (Lledr Hall) £200
  • Level 1 Mine & Cave training, 9th-11th Dec. (Lledr Hall & Alun Valley) £300
  • Level 2 Training (including Tyrolean Traverse for groups), 9th-11th Dec. (Caernarvon & Tanygrisiau) £300
  • Level 1 Mine training, 12th-13th Dec. (Betws y Coed) £200
  • Level 2 Training (without Tyrolean for groups), 12th–13th Dec.(Caernarvon & Betws y Coed) £200
  • Mine to Cave Transfer Training, 11th Dec. £100
  • SRT training, 12th Dec. (Caernarfon) £100
  • Tyrolean Traverse for Groups Training, 13th Dec. (Tanygrisiau) £100
  • Assessment (by arrangement) throughout the weeko Module 1, 3, 5, 6 or Tyrolean: £100o Module 2 or 4: £200

Book here: 

Note a copy of your booking enquiry form will be sent to your invoice address in addition to your own address,

Assessment Candidates, please read

Before presenting for assessment please double check you have the minimum log-book experience as outlined in the BCA Handbook

  • Have at least 1 year cave/mine exploration
  • 30 trips in 10 different systems (including 2 different type of mines for Mine Leader)
  • A proportion of these should be as a leader under supervision
  • Some trips may be above and beyond the remit of the level 1

5 of these must be quality days, defined as satisfying at least 4 of the following. Please nominate and highlight the 5 trips you consider best reflect quality days in your logbook when presented

  • Exploration of a new route or system
  • Incorporate at least 4 or 5 hours underground exploration
  • An experience that develops an individuals caving/mine exploration knowledge, skills and awareness
  • Incorporates skills above the level of the candidates qualification
  • Self led
  • Involve some vertical skills or digging
  • Exploration of a cave that responds to rainfall

Please be prepared to present your log book on request. This can be done by posing or dropping off your log book to Oaklands OEC, or by sending us photos or a scan of your logbook.

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